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Friday, April 21, 2006

enough to stir the movie critic in me

This had to be the most-awaited sequel of the last decade, and what a BIIG letdown! now sequels are known to disappoint, but Basic Instint 2 has to go down as among the worst of the lot methinks.a weak - and by now predictable - plot, average acting, NO action (now although the car-chases in BI-1 were not the most memorable scenes of the movie admittedly, they did hugely add to the thrill and paciness of the movie), almost no sexual tension between the lead pair... all contribute to a bland movie experience.

sharon stone is still super-hot but morrissey is too damn uptight british to recreate the smouldering chemistry we saw in BI-1. and to say that because michael douglas was a detective while poor mr glass here is a shrink so you can't compare the two characters is a real real lame excuse...david morissey has to be the biggest mis-cast of the decade !!

ok so why am i sooo pissed off about what most ppl already knew would be an average movie? because BI was one of those rare 'cult' movies for our generation at school...ya i must have been in class 7 or 8, but going out with friends to watch the much-edited version of that movie has to rank among the highs of my school-days and balak-hood. and such a disappointing sequel to THAT??

all said though, its still probably worth one watch for all fans of BI just to pay obeisance to...ya right...miss catherine tramell.


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