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Saturday, May 13, 2006

feels nice

...to be back home (only 3 daYS, so what!) & this is what i've done today-
  • got all wet in the rain- ya it was pouring and pouring and pouring today morning (heck it still is!) & i made the most of it. to add to my 'first time' of the season: a drive through EMB in the rain & listening to Chand Sifarish
  • Got to read Anondobajar & Telegraph after ages! ya and Buddha is all over the front pages (see it even rhymes)
  • laid my hands on some nice books courtesy my sweet sis who was also (not entirely co-incidentally) also in Cal. Animal farm and Portrait of the artist...not sure how i wd like Joyce but its like ages since i hv read a good book. ya of late my reading has been limited mostly to newpapers, magazines..incl the likes of Maxim ;)
  • Indulged in Pet-Puja...ya i don't mind gaining 3 kilos in 3 days

And I still have the whole of tonight and tomorrow...i gotto go now, time flies here.


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