Aboltabol Unlimited

Saturday, April 29, 2006

while my guitar gently Sleeps...

Wanted a nice spanish guitar for a comp wallpaper for sometime now...& this is what I found while searching for it. Ya I love it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

lost for words

sweated in the heat one more day, missed the mezcal jazz show after lot of planning on how not to, argued with my punju neighbour (politely) on why i have every right to play loud music for half an hr every day...or night, and now i must go sleep to wake up on time tmrw.
life is a lemon.

oh and my neighbour plays the jhin-chak mindless punju remixes all day on weekends about which i don't crib, its only music at night that he has a problem with...%^&*#

Friday, April 21, 2006

enough to stir the movie critic in me

This had to be the most-awaited sequel of the last decade, and what a BIIG letdown! now sequels are known to disappoint, but Basic Instint 2 has to go down as among the worst of the lot methinks.a weak - and by now predictable - plot, average acting, NO action (now although the car-chases in BI-1 were not the most memorable scenes of the movie admittedly, they did hugely add to the thrill and paciness of the movie), almost no sexual tension between the lead pair... all contribute to a bland movie experience.

sharon stone is still super-hot but morrissey is too damn uptight british to recreate the smouldering chemistry we saw in BI-1. and to say that because michael douglas was a detective while poor mr glass here is a shrink so you can't compare the two characters is a real real lame excuse...david morissey has to be the biggest mis-cast of the decade !!

ok so why am i sooo pissed off about what most ppl already knew would be an average movie? because BI was one of those rare 'cult' movies for our generation at school...ya i must have been in class 7 or 8, but going out with friends to watch the much-edited version of that movie has to rank among the highs of my school-days and balak-hood. and such a disappointing sequel to THAT??

all said though, its still probably worth one watch for all fans of BI just to pay obeisance to...ya right...miss catherine tramell.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am missing Kolkata suddenly, what with people reminding me how the weather this week back home has suddenly become cool and breezy. this after staying out of the city for almost 5 yrs now (ya 2001 was THAT long back). as a kid i used to be terribly scared of kalboishakhis (nor'westerlies), but now i really really wish i could get to enjoy one. bombay is hot and stuffy as usual, and the traffic just keeps getting worse...
anyway, while i'm still at being nostalgic on kolkata, there are a lots of other things come to think of it...to add to that list: kaancha aamer chatni for one (this is just the season),alur-dam and phuchka at vivekananda park (or even putiram would do fine), not to speak of evening adda-sessions - and of course with elections coming up there's enough political fodder to add spice to the adda.

Ya, being a Bong outside Cal, there are lots of things friends pull ur leg about - you are inevitably branded as a die-hard marxist, or a loyal sourav-da fan (no denying this one), or being an art & culture freak 'bhadralok' (esp if you are a bespectacled bong like me), or being a fish-addict (which i'm not, except for ilish and chingri)...and of course you get perenially accused of speaking in bangla every time you meet another fellow bong, of course the tams and gults are accused equally, if not more, of that one at least. But the good thing is whichever city or company or place you land up in, without exception, generally thr are enough Bongs to share an odd round of adda or similar bouts of nostalgia pangs.
Of course, probashi bengalis, i've noticed, are somehow more reserved and toned down...an adda session is incomplete without the odd 'bishuddho khisti' (excuse moi, thats a 'pure abusive slang'...go figure) but thats something one has to get used to...the lack of it that is.

enough ranting for the day, i didn't intend my first real post to be a nostalgia trip on bongs and bong-land, but thats how it will be now...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yess !!

Finally i have my own blog...i hv thought about this for a looooog time now but hv somehow been too busy (can't find a better excuse)...but here i am, & here's my first post. Can't wait to press 'publish'. yipee.