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Sunday, June 11, 2006

what a start!

What a fabulous soccer weekend this was! And so far the Boys in Blue have rocked. I'm a loyal Man U fan but Mourinho's boys have showed over the last 3 days just why Chelsea has made the EPL such a painfully one-sided affair in the last 2 yrs.
Consider this: Crespo and Drogba both scored in the Argentina-Ivory Coast match, Robben single-handedly won the game for Netherlands yesterday, and Lampard was the one English player who looked like scoring. Thats a lot of strike power from one club!

Ok, summary of the first weekend-
Best team: Argentina (what a match!)
Best goal: Frings (Geramny, last goal against Costa Rica, BOOOOMM)
Best Player: Robben (anybody will die to get two left feet...those of Robben that is)

PJ of the weekend: Ya you get to hear lots of PJs when you watch matches with nutcases but the worst one was when this Angola player Loco (the one with the strange haircut) fouled Figo in the Portugal match.
Nut 1: That was a pointless challenge, needless yellow card
Nut 2: Ya but Loco is like that only, no purpose in his game
Nut 1: "No purpose"... what is that supposed to mean?
Nut 2: Think about it, if Loco had a Motive why would he run in a football field?

Aaargh! But what a weeekend.

PS: To the four and a half regular visitors here - no I haven't given up on this blog just yet - its just that my home Net connection is still down, and all the posting I get to do is from office or cybercafes; hopefully more frequent posts in the near future.


  • I do agree that the Chelsea forwards played well...but somehow thought Robben was too selfish towards the end! And I think the future Arsenal stars have performed better than the present Chelsea stars (yes I am an Arsenal fan)
    Read a wonderfully written article which suggested how short sighted,Mourinho is in getting ageing stars like Ballack and Shevchenko, who will not have any resale value after their contract, whereas ManU and Arsenal are investing in the future. It further said that,Mourinho has done this only to win the Champions League for himself, after which he will quit and join the likes of RealMadrid, giving no thoughts to the future of Chelsea...think about it, sounds pretty logical...

    By Blogger Sujith, at June 15, 2006 6:53 pm  

  • Well I'm a big Mourinho fan Sujith, i think he has turned around that club - and I think despite having so many stars the reason why Chelsea won't go the Real way is Mourinho.
    As for Ballack and Shevchecnko, although I haven't seen a lot of them lately, I know they can still win matches for their teams any day; and why shouldn't Mourinho try to win the Champion's league...for himself and his club? This year Barcelona vs Chelsea would have been a fair Champ league final and I really hope that happens next yr...ok secretly I won't mind if Man-U joins the party :)

    By Blogger Deep, at June 16, 2006 12:32 pm  

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